Woodland Forge Testimonials

20-Year Old Was Conflicted About Her Family’s Involvement in an Intensive Family Based Program

Claire wrote, “you seemed to understand me better than I understand me. The program made me feel safe, strong, comfortable, and normal. I was able to find myself I have lost for so many years. I am now hopeful that I can find the rest of me as well as a life I could have never seen or even hoped for.” She continued that, “I am very content and realize that even through the intervention is over, my treatment and growth is not.”

Her father wrote, “the combination of Dr. Alex and Dr. Davis is a tremendous concept. With the hands on approach from a complete family perspective it really enabled me to see much more clearly about all of my daughter’s difficulties. Prior to this intervention, I was pretty much in the dark from all sides.” He continued that the program was “tremendously enlightening” and “I know you guys can give Claire a good life, thank you both very much.” Mom wrote that the most helpful part of the program was “finding doctors who really seem to understand this disease.” She continues “I am very happy I attended because it really opened my eyes to things. I leave here being very hopeful.”