Woodland Forge Welcome Letter to Patients
Woodland Forge Welcome Letter to Patients

Dear Prospective Patient:

Here at Woodland Forge, we believe in the importance of collaboration and in holding the hope that you can recover even if you don’t feel that way now. We respect the power of the unconscious, your history, your own temperament and personality as well as the difficulty of changing certain behaviors or habits. But, we also believe in the will of the healthy part of patients who want desperately to lead “normal lives.” We want to help you nurture that health into a bigger part of yourself.

At Woodland Forge, we offer support, guidance, and insight hand in hand with real life experiences to help you recover.  We know that there are clear patterns that keep you stuck (in your thoughts and behaviors) and there are clear patterns that can lead to wellnes. The journey to this freedom is sometimes long and difficult but it can be made easier if you have the support and guidance from experts who both truly care and truly “get it.”

We can work with your current team by offering adjunctive time-limited programs or we can provide the primary psychotherapy for you if you do not yet have a therapist. If you are looking for effective treatment please contact us. We truly believe we can help.

With Concern and Hope,

Ellen Davis Licensed Psychologist

Ellen Davis, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Co-Founder, Woodland Forge