Woodland Forge Welcome Letter to Professionals
Woodland Forge Welcome Letter to Professionals

Dear Professional:

As someone who spends at least some of your time treating eating disordered patients, you are aware of how complex these illnesses can be. You may be seeing young patients who are beginning to show signs of eating or weight concerns or you may be treating adolescent or adult patients who have been through treatment but show a continued fear of many types of foods, ongoing obsessive thoughts, or an inability to go beyond the “minimum healthy weight” that is recommended. Basically, the patients’ unhealthy relationship with food is still present and strong in its daily influence despite other improvements in their lives.

At Woodland Forge, we are committed to working collaboratively with you by offering specific evidence-based treatments that can address the needs of these patients. We offer a "severity assessment" which will provide both you and the patient (or their parents) feedback regarding where the patient is on the spectrum of these illnesses. You can refer your patient to us for this assessment alone or for ongoing treatment. We see children through adults and offer weekly therapy as well as time limited programs with a focus on respectful and effective care.

Both Dr. Gonçalves and I are uniquely suited to offer these programs. In addition to having extensive outpatient experience with these patients, we have both held administrative and clinical positions in hospitals that treat addictions and eating disorders. Dr. Gonçalves is a past Clinical Coordinator of Eagleville Hospital and I was a past Clinical Director of the Renfrew Center of Philadelphia. While I have created a subspecialty of treating eating and anxiety disordered patients still living in the home (young children through adults), Dr. Gonçalves has focused on the treatment of adults and the coaching of parents who are supporting their children.

Please contact us if you have a patient who you think could benefit from any of our services.


Ellen Davis Licensed Psychologist

Ellen Davis, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist
Co-Founder, Woodland Forge