Woodland Forge Testimonials

Family Based Intensive Treatment of a 15-year-old with Anorexia

After receiving intensive treatment at Woodland Forge for anorexia, both the parents and the child reported that they "strongly agree" that their experience at Woodland Forge was helpful.

The child stated, "...Dr. Davis and Dr. Alex truly understood me and I could tell that they were trying their hardest to help me recover."

Her mother stated, "We were very pleased with our experience at Woodland Forge. Dr. Davis and Dr. Alex took their time to understand every aspect of our family dynamic and every aspect of [our child]'s personality. They were extremely knowledgeable about anorexia and the refeeding process. The refeeding coaching and actual practice at the dining table was invaluable. Knowing what to expect from [our child] during the refeeding was also critical."