Woodland Forge Outpatient Eating Disorder Treatment Dr. Ellen Davis and Dr. Alex Goncalves
Woodland Forge Why We Are Unique


  1. We have purposely kept our practice small to allow us to provide individually tailored, responsive care. With appropriate notice, we can accommodate most families' schedules.
  2. We use treatments that have been proven to be effective within a context of caring, compassion, and respect.
  3. We can help you create structure in your home to avoid either initial or recurring eating disorder hospitalization of your child. Residential treatments often help due to the structure they provide only to have relapse occur quickly after discharge because sufficient structure is not in place at home. Our treatment addresses this problem effectively.


  1. The eating disorder is not your fault. You did not choose the eating disorder. This is true whether you have an eating disorder or are the parent of a child with an eating disorder. Eating disorders are complex biopsychosocial illnesses in which no one factor is sufficient to create the disorder. If you or your child has an eating disorder you cannot “choose” to recover unless specialized treatment is provided.
  2. We have often heard from parents that they feel blamed and marginalized. At Woodland Forge our programs are based on helping you help your child.
  3. Finally, we believe in being extremely specialized to treat these disorders. We are very good at what we do and we are committed to collaborating with other professionals involved in the patient's care.