Woodland Forge Testimonials

A 19-Year Old College Student With Anorexia

Jamie had been struggling with anorexia for 6 months before she came here. She was able to benefit from weekly treatment which allowed her to continue in college. She noted that her initial symptoms included “disordered eating, depression, and insecurities.” After 4 months of treatment here where she was seen every 2 or 3 weeks for 2-hour sessions with her parents and alone, she noted “I am regularly eating with mostly no eating disordered thoughts. I am making decisions in my life with less anxiety.”

While at college, she got weighed weekly at the health center and this information was passed on to the team here by a nurse at the center. In addition, she kept in touch with her nutritionist by phone as needed. Her mom noted that Jamie is showing “significant improvement” after 4 months of treatment here and she states that her daughter is “back to normal weight, has less anxiety about food, is less depressed and is able to function at school.” Both dad and mom state they are “extremely pleased” with their daughter’s progress here.