Woodland Forge Testimonials

18-year-old with anorexia

C came to Woodland Forge after having struggled with anorexia for over 2 years having attended weekly psychotherapy. She experienced low body weight, avoidance of foods, fear of gaining weight, depressed mood, and anxiety. She participated in a one-day intensive and then received follow-up sessions every 2-3 months afterward. C's parents engaged in a program of refeeding. Her mother stated, "I wish I'd known about this approach at the outset of [C]'s symptoms." She went on to say, "I have my daughter back!" C added that she can now handle life changes more easily and her anxiety has decreased. She also stated that she feels more confident and loved and feels more like herself than in the prior two years. She said, "I've found a good balance (overall) between exercise and food." C made a successful transition to her freshman year in college and recently reported, "I love college."